South Sound 911 Executive Director Andrew Neiditz released this statement:

“It was reported in the media recently that South Sound 911 is ‘still homeless.’ But, I can assure that there is no uncertainty about our plans for a unified, state-of-the-art public safety communications center.

While we were hopeful and supportive of the multi-agency concept involving Pierce County Community Connections and Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department, we remained open to alternate sites and solutions. The alternative we are now reviewing is the adjacent county-owned 8 acres which includes the site of the old Puget Sound Hospital. Our development team, in partnership with Pierce County, will evaluate the site to determine the best use of the acreage as it is currently larger than the 5-6 acres required for South Sound 911 facilities. The remaining space could then be developed for other uses for the benefit of the surrounding communities.

We are confident and pleased about the possibility of remaining and investing in the neighborhood we have gotten to know these last few months.

We have a path forward and we will continue the momentum.”

In November 2011, residents of Pierce County voted for a 0.1 percent sales tax increase to support public safety, which included the consolidation of 911 centers. For nearly four years, South Sound 911 has been working on projects and processes in support of the consolidation and collocation effort, including the construction of a new facility. The South Sound 911 public safety communications center is being built in cooperation with Pierce County for the project’s tax-exempt bond financing under the “63-20” project delivery and financing model.

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