As of 6 a.m. today, all of the local law enforcement communications services in the county are provided from a communications center in Tacoma — now known as South Sound 911’s Law Enforcement Communications Center. The center now answers 911 calls countywide and provides dispatch service for all 19 local law enforcement agencies.

Until today, law enforcement communications were provided from two centers — the Eastside Communications Center in Puyallup, and the South 35th Street Communications Center in Tacoma. Prior to South Sound 911’s consolidation efforts, there were four local law enforcement 911 centers operating in Pierce County.

The physical merging of communications centers is the first step in the agency’s goal to holistically consolidate law enforcement communications. Over the next several months, South Sound 911 will work with the 19 local law enforcement agencies to streamline call handling and dispatch policies and procedures.

The move also further unifies South Sound 911 and will improve operational efficiency.

“We could have waited to consolidate when we moved into the new building,” Law Enforcement Deputy Director Mark Mears said. “But, that would mean waiting a few more years. Why wait when we can begin realizing efficiencies this year?”

With the former Eastside Communications Center vacant, South Sound 911 will begin upgrading the facility for its Fire Communications Center. The facility offers more space and allows it to remain as a backup for Law Enforcement Communications.

South Sound 911’s Fire Communications is currently located in Lakewood.

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