Residents of Lakewood, South Prairie, and unincorporated Pierce County can report the illegal discharge of fireworks online at FireworksReport.com from June 28 to July 5. They will join residents in Fife, Milton, Orting, Roy, Ruston, Sumner, Tacoma, and University Place in using the online report again this year.

To file a report online, complainants need to provide a valid address where the violation occurred, their
name, and phone number. If the location of the fireworks complaint is not eligible for an online report,
the complainant will be instructed to call the non-emergency line, 253-287-4455 or 800-562-9800.

Information collected via FireworksReport.com or the non-emergency line is made available to law
enforcement agencies electronically or over the radio. Law enforcement agencies will determine the
necessary response or if additional investigation is required.

The public should call 911 to report emergencies resulting from fireworks, such as fires or injuries, or
other life-threatening emergencies or in-progress crimes.

In 2022, residents submitted 909 complaints via FireworksReport.com, resulting in approximately 45
hours of talk time saved, which successfully reduced the strain on 911 and non-emergency lines,
allowing 911 call takers to focus on true emergencies.

“Implementing FireworksReport.com greatly improved customer service during a time of year that is
particularly busy for 911 and first responders,” South Sound 911 Executive Director Deborah Grady said.
“We really do appreciate those who take advantage of this time-saving option and avoid tying up
emergency lines or waiting on hold.”