South Sound 911 uses an online Records Portal to make requesting copies of police/incident reports, CAD logs, and 911 audio recordings, more efficient and transparent.

Using the online portal ensures that records personnel have all of the information needed to process your request. It also offers the convenience of receiving records electronically and allows the requestor to check the status of the request at any time.

If you do not already have an account, you will need to create one in order to submit a request using the portal. These instructions may be of assistance.

Are you a criminal justice agency looking for records? Click here.

If you prefer to submit a request via mail, please send to ATTN: Records Custodian, South Sound 911, 3580 Pacific Ave., Tacoma WA 98418.

Please note:

  • South Sound 911 responds to requests for public records in accordance with the Public Records Act, RCW 42.56.
  • Public Records Act exemptions can be found this within RCW 42.56 and this Municipal Research and Services Center publication.
  • South Sound 911 holds only certain records for its partner law enforcement agencies.
  • South Sound 911 may charge fees pursuant to the fee schedule.

Other Records

South Sound 911 does not hold law enforcement investigative files, photos, dash or body camera footage, or fire department records. Those records are held by the originating agency and requestors should contact the agency directly. For a list of partner agency websites, see our Police & Fire Agencies page.

Other types of records and where they may be found:

  • South Sound 911 administrative records   – Online Archive
  • Collision Reports – Please visit the Washington State Patrol. WSP is the central repository for all Police Traffic Collision Reports (PTCRs); PTCRs may be requested from their site regardless of where the collision occurred.
  • Court Records – Use the State of Washington Courts records request page to identify what type of record you seek or use the Washington State Court Directory to locate the appropriate court. South Sound 911 does not keep court records or documents such as judgments, dispositions, sentencing, etc.
  • Criminal History or Background Check – Criminal history records may be obtained for non-criminal justice purposes, but is limited to conviction information only. Contact the Washington State Patrol.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I follow-up on my police report? What is the status of the investigation?

South Sound 911 provides 911, dispatch and records management services for law enforcement; we do not investigate incidents. For information about or to check the status of a case or incident, you must contact the relevant law enforcement agency.

Where do I find out about a warrant or protection order?

South Sound 911 does not release information about warrants or protection orders. Please contact the court – whichever one issued (or might have issued) the warrant or order to verify its existence or status.

Which agencies’ reports may I get from South Sound 911?

South Sound 911 only processes public records requests on behalf of certain law enforcement agencies in Pierce County. See the List of Agencies and Records for more information. List of Agencies and Records

I need court dispositions, court orders and/or other court records. Where do I find them?

Contact the issuing court directly. South Sound 911 does not provide court records or court disposition information.

How far back does South Sound 911 maintain law enforcement records?

South Sound 911 has police reports from the 1960s. Detailed information is required for searches prior to 1974. Reports prior to 2000 may need to be ordered from archives and may take additional time to process.

Audio is typically held for 90 days.

What is the status of my public records request?

If you successfully submitted a request via the Records Request Portal, you may check the status of your request(s) anytime: Log into the portal and go to View My Requests, then click the request’s Details button and look for the “Status” located under the Reference Number.

How long will it take for me to receive my records or 911 audio request?

South Sound 911 processes public records requests on behalf of the agencies it serves; however, the applicable law enforcement agency oftentimes must approve requests before South Sound 911 may provide copies. It is common for requests to experience delays during this process and requestors will be notified by email when the materials are available for download via the Records Portal.

Can I submit a request without a case/incident number?

Yes. Please use the incident details section to specifically describe what you are requesting. Please include all of the information you have, such as the date/time and address/location of the incident, and the names of anyone involved.

I only received part of my public records request. Where is the rest of it?

South Sound 911 public records requests may be processed by two different offices, depending on the item(s) requested. Some items may be available for release sooner than others and may, therefore, be made available separately.

The record I need is not on the list. Where do I get officers’ notes, or anything else not shown on the form?

South Sound 911 does not maintain records such as investigative files, photos, videos, dash cam or body cam footage, fire department records, or officer notes, emails, or text messages; such records are held by the originating agency. Please contact the relevant agency for access to such information.

For records pertaining to the agency of South Sound 911, please mail your request to South Sound 911; ATTN: Records Custodian; 3580 Pacific Ave.; Tacoma WA 98418.

Where can I get help using the Records Portal?

After you have created an account, please call South Sound 911’s front desk (253-287-4900) for further assistance during normal business hours.

How long do you keep recordings of 911 calls?

Washington state law requires South Sound 911 keep recordings of 911 telephone conversations for 90 days.

Where do I get fire reports?

For fire reports, please contact the individual fire department.

How do I decipher the codes on the CAD Log I received?

The Public Records Act does not require South Sound 911 to provide research services, to analyze data, answer written questions, or to create records in response to a request.

South Sound 911 does not have a document containing a breakdown of all codes that may be used, but you may find the Call for Service Code and Disposition Code lists helpful.

Calls for Service and Disposition Codes

Where do I get information about vehicle accidents in my neighborhood or in a specific area?

South Sound 911 does not have a way to provide police/incident reports or CAD logs with that level of refinement. You may be interested in requesting “Collision Data Reports” from the Washington State Patrol (WSP). Please visit their website for more information: WSP Collision Data Reports