South Sound 911 and the Tacoma Fire Department successfully launched a new computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system today, officially uniting public safety agencies countywide. When the two agencies implemented the new Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure CAD system for Tacoma Fire Communications at 9 a.m., all local police and fire agencies were united on a single dispatch platform.

“This is an important accomplishment, and a first of its kind in Pierce County,” South Sound 911 Executive Director Andrew Neiditz said.

The countywide CAD project was a six year undertaking requiring a steadfast commitment from communications center and technology personnel, and police and fire agencies to bring the vision of partnership to reality. South Sound 911 and the Tacoma Fire Department collaborated for 18 months for the final stage which brought all public safety call takers, dispatchers and first responders onto the same CAD system to facilitate emergency communications and interoperability.

“Interoperability is a cornerstone of South Sound 911 and why the agency was formed,” Neiditz said. “It is a significant accomplishment for all public safety agencies to have worked together toward this common goal, which ultimately helps make our communities safer.”

The intent of the new unified system is to improve communication between dispatchers and first responders, and also to improve the exchange of information between first responders.

Now that all local public safety agencies are operating on the new CAD system, collaboration will continue as agencies look to improve operational efficiencies for call handling and dispatch.

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