Typically, CPLs take 3-4 weeks to process. The processing time may vary as the background check relies on the responsiveness of other agencies, outside of South Sound 911’s control. Additionally, there may be delays in the mail.

Our online Order Tracker allows applicants with an email address on file to check the status of their application regardless of whether it was submitted online, at the kiosk, or in-person. Applicants will need the order (application) number, email address, and password. (Use the reset password function if you forgot or do not know your password.)

You may also choose to inquire with our staff; however, since information about CPL applications is protected by law, in order for South Sound 911 to provide information about your application or its status via email we must have proof of your identity. You may provide a copy (photocopy, scanned image, photograph) of the I.D. you presented at the time you applied as proof of your identity. Email the image of your I.D. to cpl@southsound911.org and we will respond with status information as soon as possible.