When can we expect NG911?

ss911_admin Next Generation 911

Currently, NG911 is in its early stages of planning. NENA (National Emergency Number Association) and the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are working on NG911 projects and the state of Washington has an Enhanced 911 (E911) Advisory Committee that is working on a deployment plan.

NG911 will require a new emergency response network architecture be designed, along with new and/or modified standards for data transmission/receipt and 911 call-taker and management processes, procedures and training. Data security issues must also be dealt with, as will funding issues. Changes will likely come in phases. For instance, when South Sound 911 launches text-to-911 service in early 2019, it will only be able to accept text – no photos or video.

For more information on NENA’s NG911 Project: NENA NG911