Additional fingerprinting appointments are now available for Pierce County residents applying for a new/original concealed pistol license (CPL) thanks to a partnership between South Sound 911 and the Tacoma office of Bellevue Fingerprinting.

CPL-related appointments at Bellevue Fingerprinting are only available through South Sound 911’s online application system and will cost applicants $42 in addition to the required fees collected by South Sound 911. The partnership initially increases by 50% the number of available appointments for applicants who choose to pay the additional fee rather than wait for an appointment at South Sound 911. More appointments may be added at both locations as capacity allows.

New/original CPL applications require fingerprinting, a service which requires an in-person visit. COVID-restrictions and sanitization procedures limit the number of appointments currently available at South Sound 911. Though South Sound 911’s public counter is open by appointment solely for CPL and firearm dealer fingerprinting, applicants are currently waiting up to six months for an appointment due to high demand for licenses.

“South Sound 911 staff has done a phenomenal job processing CPL applications during a stressful, busy and unprecedented year,” South Sound 911 Executive Director Deborah Grady said. “But, funneling applications through a limited number of appointments has been a challenge for our customers; such exceptional demand required us to explore creative solutions and partnerships.”

Customers with existing appointments may opt to reschedule for either newly available appointments at South Sound 911 or at Bellevue Fingerprinting using the online Order Tracker, possibly decreasing wait times for fingerprint appointments. The Order Tracker requires the customer’s order/application number (found on the applicant’s confirmation email), email address and password.

Given the additional cost to the customer, Grady views the current solution as a compromise.

“Ideally, we would be able to handle the demand without an additional cost to the customer,” Grady said. “However, we understand that six months is a long time to wait for an appointment, so this partnership is an option for those who think the extra fee is worth it to reduce their wait time.”

A new/original CPL application will cost $55.09 with fingerprinting at South Sound 911. Applicants choosing service through Bellevue Fingerprinting will pay at total of $97.09. The additional $42 for service provided by Bellevue Fingerprinting will be payable at the time of appointment.

South Sound 911’s public counter is located at 945 Tacoma Ave. S. in Tacoma. Operated by the agency’s Records department, the counter processes CPL applications for Pierce County residents and on behalf of several law enforcement agencies including those serving unincorporated Pierce County and the cities of DuPont, Edgewood, Fife, Fircrest, Lakewood, Milton, Orting, Roy, Ruston, Tacoma, and University Place. Completed applications will still be processed by South Sound 911 whether fingerprints are obtained at South Sound 911 or Bellevue Fingerprinting.

Bellevue Fingerprinting’s Tacoma office is located at 1201 Pacific Avenue, Suite 600. CPL-related appointments must be scheduled through South Sound 911’s online permitting system. Bellevue Fingerprinting will not accept walk-in appointments for CPL applicants.