Livescan Fingerprint System

Mary Schindler

South Sound 911 is accepting bids for two livescan fingerprint systems including computers, monitors, software, scanners, printers, UPS power backups, RMS interface software, configuration, installation, training, maintenance and support.  See bid document for details. 2018-014-320 RFB Livescan Bid progression

Enhanced 911 System Customer Premises Equipment RFP


South Sound 911 is soliciting competitive, negotiable proposals for the replacement, service, and maintenance of Enhanced 9-1-1 System Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) to be installed at our PSAP. Qualified Respondents will be required to detail their solution to replace and fully implement CPE that will meet South Sound 911’s need to provide Enhanced 9-1-1 services for calls originating from wireline, …

Voice Logging Recorder System RFP


The purpose of this RFP is to obtain proposals from qualified providers as to their costs, ability, and qualifications to design and implement avoice logging recorder system, installed at multiple locations, and fully networked. South Sound 911 will not provide hardware or software licenses required by the contractor to complete the scope of work. South Sound 911 will provide desk …

APC UPS and Server Rack Enclosures RFB


Project scope: South Sound 911 is seeking bids qualified entries for APC 20KVA UPS and APC 3100 Server Rack Enclosures.