South Sound 911 provides FREE educational presentations about 911 and dispatch for school classrooms, community organizations, and neighborhood groups.

While 911 is a lifeline for people in an emergency, 911 is often abused. By teaching how to properly use 911, how 911 works when a call is answered, and by promoting alternative phone numbers (such as the appropriate non-emergency number), South Sound 911 will better serve the community. The faster a 911 call taker can answer an emergency call, the faster a person needing help will receive potentially life-saving police, fire or medical aid.

Community education is an especially effective tool for 911, but what makes our program unique is that South Sound 911’s educators are the ones who answer 911 calls, so they can offer insight and advice unlike others in public safety!

Schedule a Presentation

To request a group presentation or event appearance, please click the Schedule Now button below to see our availability and make an online request. Due to demand, we request approximately 3-4 weeks advance notice.

911 Community Academy

In fall of 2023, South Sound 911 hosted its first ever Community Academy, a FREE six-week course held on Tuesday evenings that was designed to provide an in-depth look at our 911 center operations. We look forward to bringing back the academy in fall of 2024, so be sure to follow our social media for registration information as soon as it opens!


911 information for the non-English speaker: