South Sound 911 was one of many 911 centers in the state affected by the 911 outage earlier today. Service was restored to the communications center around 6:20 a.m.; however, citizens experiencing difficulties calling 911 may call 253-798-4721 or 253-798-4722 at any time.

Like many of our partner 911 centers, South Sound 911 is deeply concerned about the outage and the affect it may have had on our citizens.

“An outage of this magnitude, and so widespread, is a serious matter,” Executive Director Andrew Neiditz said. “We share the same concerns as our citizens and we, too, are eager to learn more about what went wrong with the overall system.”

South Sound 911 first became aware of a potential problem around midnight when staff were concerned that call volumes were unusually low. As is standard practice, staff alerted the on-call communications maintenance supervisor, who confirmed the outage with the service provider. The communications maintenance supervisor also confirmed that South Sound 911 equipment was operational.

South Sound 911 is collaborating with the Pierce County Department of Emergency Management (DEM) E-911 Office and other local 911 centers in pursuit of information concerning the outage. At this time, it is unknown how many callers were impacted.