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1. The records I'm seeking are not listed. Where may I find additional records?
2. The online Records Request form doesn't allow me to choose the document/item I need. Where do I get officers' notes, video, photographs, or anything else now shown on the form?
3. The city I'm seeking records from is not listed. How do I obtain those records?
4. Which agencies' reports may I get from South Sound 911?
5. How do I decipher the codes on the CAD Log I received?
6. I am looking for court dispositions and/or court orders. Where do I find them?
7. I'm a law enforcement or criminal justice agency; why can't I have my report right away?
8. Is there a cost for a local records check for criminal justice/law enforcement employment?
9. I'm a criminal justice or law enforcement agency, why did I receive a redacted copy of a report?
10. How long is audio maintained by South Sound 911?
11. How far back does South Sound 911 maintain law enforcement records?
12. What is a local records check?