When should I use the non-emergency number?
The non-emergency number is available 24-hours a day and can be used when there is no immediate threat or danger.

Examples of when you should call the non-emergency number:

• Your house or car was broken into, but you did not witness the incident.
• Your runaway child has returned home.
• You need to add additional items to your burglary report, which you previously reported.
• Your car or bicycle was stolen sometime during the day/night.

We have two 911 centers with their own non-emergency numbers:

If calling from within the city limits of Bonney Lake, Fife, Milton, Puyallup and Sumner (and are served by those respective police departments) call 844-821-8911 (toll-free).

In all other areas of Pierce County call 253-798-4721 or 800-562-9800.

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